The menu of your restaurant at a click of your customers

We are a group of entrepreneurs that combines graphic design and web programming to help you renew the image of your business and adapt it to the new times.

We offer

Digitize the menu of your business, using web programming to obtain an agile, dynamic and interactive result, applying all the technological resources at our disposal.

We generate a unique QR code so that you can print it to your liking and place it on the tables of your restaurant or wherever you think is most convenient.

We send a web address of the menu so that you can send it through social networks and share it whenever you want

We take care of the monthly updating of the menu, so that you dedicate yourself to managing your business.

We send monthly statistics of visits to your digital menu

We contribute

Multiple benefits for your business, employees and customers

Saving time and money, by reducing impressions, increasing the efficiency of your business

We contribute to the environment by collaborating with the reduction of paper consumption

We boost your sales by making your restaurant's menu available to your customers wherever they are, and in this way they can place orders from anywhere

We offer you the option to receive orders by Whatsapp

How do we do it?

We create a space on our web platform, where we host the new digital design of your business menu; then we generate and send you a unique QR code so that you can place it in front of your customers and they can read it with their mobile devices, and we also send you a web address to use in your social networks and any other digital advertising material.

We also take care of the monthly updating of the menu, so that you take advantage of the time in other necessary tasks

Ecological, innovative and safe

Your customers from the table, home, office or wherever they are, will be able to read the unique QR code or write the web address in their browser and have immediate access, on their mobile phone, table or computer, to the menu of your completely secure restaurant. and without the need for you to disinfect or spend large amounts on disposable menus; that in addition to being expensive, are already impractical and less desired by customers every day.

Economical, practical and flexible

Think about the cost you will save by avoiding printing new menus every time you have to change prices, ingredients, delete or add dishes, in addition, your gastronomic offer will always be updated and will have a greater reach.

Monthly Update

In our cost is included, in addition to maintenance and space on our web platform, an update of your monthly menu, for when you need to change prices, add or delete dishes, change photos, etc.

Adapted to the new times

You could warn your customers about an ingredient in your dishes that may cause food allergies, thus ensuring their health and peace of mind. You can also indicate if your dishes are vegan, organic, vegetarian or spicy.

With our digital menu, you will have your gastronomic offer available on the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and you can include it in all your social networks, just by placing the link to your digital menu, thus ensuring that your business continues to get customers even when it is closed.

Menu Digital
Dos tipos de menu en telefono

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You send your physical menu in pdf or text

You send your logo and photos of your dishes and drinks in high resolution

You send the contact information (Social Networks, Telephones, Whatsapp, Address, Location and Hours

We take care of digitizing the menu and placing it on the web platform

We make the design taking into account your preferences, logo and colors

We send you the web address, so you can review it, make the necessary corrections and approve

We make the final corrections and send you the unique QR code with access to your online menu, so that you can print it and place it on the tables and wherever it suits you best.

And finally, when everything is ready, and you are satisfied with our service, we send you the payment information.

Sample Menus

We put at your disposal some demos, so you can see how they would look. We recommend you to visit some menus of our clients so that you can see more examples.

Some Opinions

menu digital a bajo costo menu con codigo qr

They already have their digital menu

Visit their Digital Menus, by clicking on their logo

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